Hi I am Fone Bone I am really excited to meet you contact you and write to you. I am 12 years old I live in BC Canada. What sports do you play in sibiu? I play Rugby and Baseball. Do you use a lot of technology like we do or no? What do you do for fun. What is your favourite school subject. My favourite subject is PE.



Kitty Black
01/30/2013 11:24pm

Hi I am Kitty Black and I am 13 years old . I live in Sibiu , Romania . I like to play handball and swimming . We use a lot of technology . I like to play on the computer or listen to music . My favourite subject is drawing . Do you like swets ? I love chocolate :) Do you like movies ? I like a lot of movies .

Fone Bone
01/31/2013 7:28pm

I also like to play games and listen to music on the computer. I love sweets my favourite is sour patch kids. I like movies my favourite movie is James Bond Sky Fall. What is your favourite movie? What is your favourite food? Mine is bacon.

Kitty Black
01/31/2013 10:46pm

My favourite movie is Ghost Rider . My favourite food is also bacon :) Do you like drawing ?I love to draw . Which kind of music do you like ? I love rock music .


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