DING DONG! I heard the doorbell so I go get the door. When I open the door kids in costumes yell “Trick or Treat” and that is  one my favorite parts about Fall.

To me fall is waking up to a hot batch of pancakes and bacon. When you make sure the pancakes and bacon are cooked just right the pancakes aren’t too burnt and the bacon isn’t too crispy. After dinner you are eating pumpkin pie on thanksgiving . Then sipping hot chocolate while the fog like steam goes into my face while I am watching a movie on my T.V. under a bundle of blankets.

Fall is also hanging out with friends and playing video games while under blankets like a turtle bundled in its shell. Playing sports like hockey, basketball, football, or rugby or jumping into leaf piles that are made up of all different colored leaves these are some of the things I do with my friends in fall. Maybe you are watching movies while you are eating candy and popcorn.

Fall is the beginning of winter and the start of seeing friends at school and the beginning of freezing your toes off while you are tobogganing with friends. It is the end of summer  wich is the end of having water and water balloon fights and the end of my baseball season.

My favorite part about fall is Halloween. One of the best parts of Halloween is setting up your house so it is the most frightening on the block. It is also trying to sneak the candy before we get to hand any out so your mom or dad has to rush out and buy more candy before any trick or treaters come to the door. My favorite part of Halloween is buying the perfect costume sometimes it is funny sometimes it is scary but every time I get a new costume I think it will be my best one ever. It is Getting with friends before we go out and get candy and getting as many bags as we can so when one gets full we can use the next one.

By Fone Bone

 LI: I can create a personal piece of writing that uses descriptive language to paint a portrait, starts with a strong leads and focuses on one main idea.

What I learned: I learned that there are many different ways to make a lead like action, questions, dialogue.

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