I am going to give you advice about grade 7. Don’t be afraid to speak up and talk to all the new grade 6’s that are coming next year. Don’t be afraid to hangout and talk to the new grade 6’s because you might have a lot in common and become really good friends with some of them. I started to hang out with a grade 6 and we became great friends. If you want to be successful don’t always go with your best friend on a group project go with someone that will do work and won’t get you off task I made that mistake a couple times. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Always do your work in class if you can because everyone will want to go outside after school and hang out with friends and if you finish it in class you won’t have as much homework and everyone hate’s homework.

To This Day

“As they slept we kept walking the tight rope and some of us fell.”
 My class watched a video called “To This Day” it was by Shane Koyczan he is a Canadian poet. It is about bullying and is very inspirational. The quote that I put at the top will stick with me forever. It means that the people who are walking the tight rope are being bullied and some fell and just gave up.

I connect to this because I have been a bully that has constantly picked on one person. At the time I was a bully everyone thought it was cool so I kept doing it because I thought it would make me look cool. When everyone thought it made them look cool did it to be cool but it actually didn’t make people any cooler. I have also seen this happen to other people and some people just give up and let people bully them and they sit there taking it. Instead of just sitting there and letting the bullies pick on them they should stand up to the bullies and tell them to stop. I can also connect because when people say the rhyme sticks and stones may break my bones but words can’t hurt me actually words can hurt just as much and leave scars.

I think the message that Shane is trying to give is beware of bullying because it can happen to anyone at anytime and that if you are getting bullied stand up to them before you fall off the tight rope as well. He is also trying to make bullies stop.

I have learned that it is a lot better to think of others before you think of yourself and that words can hurt just as much as being punched or kicked. 

Link to "To This Day"
On Christmas Eve for dinner my family ordered Chinese food like we do every year. It was delicious I liked the chicken fried rice the most. On Christmas morning my sister came up and woke me up. Then we ran to my parents room woke them up then ran down stairs and started to look at what Santa put in my stocking. I got candy, gum, deodorant, and some other stuff. Then we started to open presents the first gift I opened was my favourite one it was a iPhone 4S I was so happy! I also got a basketball, new runners, cases for my phone, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and some other stuff. Then in the afternoon we went to my grandparents house to open gifts there I got a toque, chocolate, Xbox live and some other stuff. And the funniest gift I got for Christmas was a pound of bacon. I love bacon! Then we had a big Christmas dinner with the whole family we had turkey, broccoli, cauliflower, and other stuff. For dessert we had chocolate mouse and red velvet cupcakes that my sister made. That was my awesome Christmas.
My family traditions for Christmas are one that my sister and I both get to open one present on Christmas eve but it is always pajamas. On Christmas eve we always have are grand parents over for dinner and we always order Chinese food. On the morning of Christmas my sister and I get up early and have to wait until we are aloud to wake are parents. And it is hard to wait. In the afternoon we go to our grandparents house. There we have a traditional Christmas dinner. With turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy. Followed by my favorite desert. We also have a tree at there house so I get two stockings.

Castle fun park was the best field trip so far but we have only had two field trips so far. My favourite part of the castle fun park was either bumper cars or mini golf. The best part of the mini golf was that it had a theme and you could choose between under water and jungle my and my friends chose jungle. The bumper cars was fun was because we got to ram into are friends with a car. I one the go karting that was there because no one passed me and I  started in the front i played this arcade game that you need to get a key through a slot and i almost won a twelve month xbox live pass. Me and my friends also played a game of air hockey with four people. (It was made for four people). Other than that we just played arcade games the rest of the time.

One of my worst decisions was when me and my friends played baseball right beside a soccer net. It was fine for the first half an hour but then one of my friendshit the ball it went right over my head I turn around and sprint as fast as  can but the next thing I know I am holding my hand to my head because I ran  into the pole. When I look at my hand it was covered in blood so I told my friend to call my mom because I was almost positive I had to get stitches. After a 2 hour wait in a hospital I finally see a doctor to get stitches I only got 2. I still have the scar above my eye.

If I could live anywhere in the world I would live In Australia. I would live in Australia because I have relatives that live there and I barely get to see them. You also might have animals you have never seen wonder around your house. My relatives have a golf course right outside there backyard and kangaroos lie in the shade of the trees. So when I was there we went out and watched the kangaroos. Also I want to live there because you can go to the beach when ever you want no matter what time of the year because it is so warm. When I was there we went to the beach on christmas. the only bad thing about Australia is all the poisonous things.

Pets are good because they can help people mentally and physically. A guy in my class saw a show and someone on the show had ceasures so he got  a a pet anaconda so when he got a pet anaconda and he put it around his neck so when he had a ceasure the anaconda put pressure around his neck so the ceasure stopped. Blind people also have them so they can go places with out walking into anything or anyone or so they don’t walk into the middle of the street and get hit by a car.  pets are good because you can get physically active by playing with your pet or taking them for walks or for runs. people who lost a loved one or is the only one who lives in your house it would be good for a dog because you won’t be as lonely if you were feeling lonely. Also if you have a lot of free time and you don’t know what to do with it you could get a dog and spend time with them by playing with it and taking care of it and take it to the park. Pets can be good to get when you are young because they can teach you a lot of responsibility because you need to walk it and remember to feed it and play with it.

On November 11th World War 1 ended we celebrate Remembrance day so we remember the people who died in world war 1 and 2 so we could have freedom. It is important to recognize this holiday so we remember all the people who died in World War 1 and 2. We celebrate it on November 11th at 11:00 because that is when the armistice was signed that ended the war. Items that are connected to World War 1 and 2 is the cross, crane and poppy. The poppy is a item because they grew on the field that they fought on. I don't know when it started but I know it ended on November 11? Why did World War 1 start? Who are some of the people who fought in World War 1 and 2?

This halloween was the best and funniest one ever. My costume was awesome me and one of my friends were the green men. This halloween I got a lot of candy I got a pillow case and a quarter of a pillow case. When I was walking to the next house in my complex I ran into a recycling bin and my friend ran into a bush he thinks he broke it. That happened because it was really hard to look out of our costume. At my school the people have church there were handing out candy at there cars it was called treats in the trunk. Near the end when we were about to go in we were like the last people outside so we got hand fulls of candy and people don’t want any left overs. At my house we had 54 people come to are house are most was about 300 people.