My family traditions for Christmas are one that my sister and I both get to open one present on Christmas eve but it is always pajamas. On Christmas eve we always have are grand parents over for dinner and we always order Chinese food. On the morning of Christmas my sister and I get up early and have to wait until we are aloud to wake are parents. And it is hard to wait. In the afternoon we go to our grandparents house. There we have a traditional Christmas dinner. With turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy. Followed by my favorite desert. We also have a tree at there house so I get two stockings.

Mrs. Kirr
12/17/2012 23:10:33

We had some of the same ideas growing up... My sister and I were allowed to open one gift Christmas Eve, as well, but it wasn't pajamas. However, as we grew older, we ended up opening ALL BUT ONE gift Christmas Eve! I don't know HOW we convinced our parents to do that!!

I like the idea that you order Chinese food - how clever! We usually had hors d'oeuvres that night, after Christmas mass. On Christmas Day, we'd head over to our grandparents' house to open a few gifts there. It was my nani's (great-grandma's) birthday, too!

Thanks for sharing - it's neat to see what traditions everyone has!


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