If I could live anywhere in the world I would live In Australia. I would live in Australia because I have relatives that live there and I barely get to see them. You also might have animals you have never seen wonder around your house. My relatives have a golf course right outside there backyard and kangaroos lie in the shade of the trees. So when I was there we went out and watched the kangaroos. Also I want to live there because you can go to the beach when ever you want no matter what time of the year because it is so warm. When I was there we went to the beach on christmas. the only bad thing about Australia is all the poisonous things.


Hey I liked the your writing and It was very engaging and on topic the whole time. I would live in Australia to because I really like it there. One of my favorite animals are there and thats the kangaroo. I personally like them because their diffrent interesting animals and I already know you do to.


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