Have you ever made a kite from scratch well It is finally October 3rd the day my class gets to start make our kites. The first thing we did on is we made a draft of what we were going to draw. I drew the Volcom logo and I think I did a great job. We also had to color what we drew.That was all the work we did on the first day. The second day we started to put together our kite. first we had to put one stick in one hole and out the other we did that with two sticks.Then we taped the sticks to the corner of the page. Then we had to tape string to two of the corners. Then we could put a tail on if we wanted. Then we could go outside and fly our kite. In the first five minutes I almost broke my kite because it was flying high in the air then it went straight down and smashed into the ground I thought for sure it was going to break. The rest of the time it was fine except for when my string almost got tangled with my friends string. The weather was great for flying kites. That was about all we did for my kite. We did this for a school project.

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