To This Day

“As they slept we kept walking the tight rope and some of us fell.”
 My class watched a video called “To This Day” it was by Shane Koyczan he is a Canadian poet. It is about bullying and is very inspirational. The quote that I put at the top will stick with me forever. It means that the people who are walking the tight rope are being bullied and some fell and just gave up.

I connect to this because I have been a bully that has constantly picked on one person. At the time I was a bully everyone thought it was cool so I kept doing it because I thought it would make me look cool. When everyone thought it made them look cool did it to be cool but it actually didn’t make people any cooler. I have also seen this happen to other people and some people just give up and let people bully them and they sit there taking it. Instead of just sitting there and letting the bullies pick on them they should stand up to the bullies and tell them to stop. I can also connect because when people say the rhyme sticks and stones may break my bones but words can’t hurt me actually words can hurt just as much and leave scars.

I think the message that Shane is trying to give is beware of bullying because it can happen to anyone at anytime and that if you are getting bullied stand up to them before you fall off the tight rope as well. He is also trying to make bullies stop.

I have learned that it is a lot better to think of others before you think of yourself and that words can hurt just as much as being punched or kicked. 

Link to "To This Day"
Heidi Hutchison
3/14/2013 08:41:07

I really appreciated your honesty. I think it takes great courage to admit to that and I am especially glad you aren't doing it anymore. I hope other students learn from your bravery! Thanks for sharing and keep writing.

Fone Bone
3/15/2013 02:31:32

I really appreciate you viewing my website. I also hope other students learn from what I publish.


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