Castle fun park was the best field trip so far but we have only had two field trips so far. My favourite part of the castle fun park was either bumper cars or mini golf. The best part of the mini golf was that it had a theme and you could choose between under water and jungle my and my friends chose jungle. The bumper cars was fun was because we got to ram into are friends with a car. I one the go karting that was there because no one passed me and I  started in the front i played this arcade game that you need to get a key through a slot and i almost won a twelve month xbox live pass. Me and my friends also played a game of air hockey with four people. (It was made for four people). Other than that we just played arcade games the rest of the time.

Mrs. Middleton

It sounds like you had a really fun day at CFP. It is one my favorite places even as an adult. I love to play mini golf with my husband and sons; both courses are great. I too enjoy the bumper cars but the go-carts are also so much fun. Spending a day with friends just hanging out - what can be better?


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