This halloween was the best and funniest one ever. My costume was awesome me and one of my friends were the green men. This halloween I got a lot of candy I got a pillow case and a quarter of a pillow case. When I was walking to the next house in my complex I ran into a recycling bin and my friend ran into a bush he thinks he broke it. That happened because it was really hard to look out of our costume. At my school the people have church there were handing out candy at there cars it was called treats in the trunk. Near the end when we were about to go in we were like the last people outside so we got hand fulls of candy and people don’t want any left overs. At my house we had 54 people come to are house are most was about 300 people.

Judy Moody
11/5/2012 01:16:34

I love the idea of a green man for a costume! For halloween I was thing 2 and my friend was thing 1! As we were walking down the sidewalk we got so many comments about our costume, after 43 I lost count, at this one house the lady took our picture it was kind of creepy but we understood because her daughter was around the age of 1 or 2. That is amazing how much candy you got! I barley got half my pillowcase full! (but it was a pretty big pillow case). Did you have any leftover candy at your house? 52 people are lots of people! This year was the most people we got at our house and that was 35 people (thats not a lot) But the good thing was that we had leftovers for my sister and I! What will you be for halloween next year?


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