One of my worst decisions was when me and my friends played baseball right beside a soccer net. It was fine for the first half an hour but then one of my friendshit the ball it went right over my head I turn around and sprint as fast as  can but the next thing I know I am holding my hand to my head because I ran  into the pole. When I look at my hand it was covered in blood so I told my friend to call my mom because I was almost positive I had to get stitches. After a 2 hour wait in a hospital I finally see a doctor to get stitches I only got 2. I still have the scar above my eye.

12/4/2012 09:20:07 am

Wow Fone Bone that must've hurt a lot, I kinda did the same thing eccept I got pushed into a chair head first. And that was a pretty bad idea but trust me once Skywalker and I played a trick on Halloween and we almost got caught by the cops, but we were too fast and we got away.

Cookie Monster
12/4/2012 10:32:51 am

OUCH! That sounds like it would really hurt! Did you even realize that the pole was there? I have a scar on my lower lip from a wooden swing. A friend and myself were 7 and we were seeing who could push the swing the highest and I wasn't paying attention and got hit in the face with the swing.I enjoyed reading your bolg post.

12/4/2012 12:19:18 pm

Wow I will just say that running into a soccer net pole is not stupid I actullay ran into once and it hurt then I just didn't do anything sporty for the rest of the day.


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